Personalized Astrological Natal birth star chart

Personalized Astrological Natal birth star chart

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*******VERY IMPORTANT *****
- We will need date, time and city of birth in order to calculate an accurate birth chart.

This item is a personalized, made to order digital, or printed  design of your astrological birth chart. It transforms your natal birth chart into a piece of art as unique as you are

This beautiful watercolor design represents a Western Modern birth chart. It displays all the astrological signs, planets and houses. It uses the Placidus house system, which is the most common house system used in modern Astrology.

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*****Please provide the below information - your personalized print can not be done without this information .*****
After purchasing please send seller a note with below information
1. Name of the person and / or a Quote to be used.
2. Place of birth (City,State,Country)
3. Date (May 2, 2018)
4. Time (Please specify pm or am for accuracy) If you do not know the time of birth we will cast a sunrise chart.
5. Size: 13”x19” inches & can be scaled to any size smaller or larger , up to 24”x36” (poster size)

- Colors on the actual print may differ slightly from the colors you see on the monitor. Monitors are calibrated in different ways and colors will show differently on different devices.