Frequently asked Questions

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- I’m trying to reorder a few shirts from my 100-piece screen print order. Why are they more expensive this time?

 We get this question a lot… a lot a lot. And it totally makes sense. You place an order for 100 shirts for your organization, and then when it’s time to pass shirts out, it turns out someone forgot to order, or they picked the wrong size for themselves, or you just had more interest than you thought you would. So why can’t you just call us up and get a couple extras printed?

Well — you can. With an asterisk. We will always work with you to get you extra t-shirts with your printed design, and if you need them for an event, we’ll do our absolute best to help you out. But the costs are going to change a bit. With screen printing, we’re burning your design into physical screens, setting them up on a manual press, and working diligently to adjust angles and make sure everything lines up perfectly. After that, we load your shirts on to a platen (print surface) one by one, and print them up! After your order is printed, everything is disassembled immediately. Those screens with your design have to be reused for the next job, so we strip them and start again.

This means that when you contact us for a couple extras, we’ve got to start from scratch. Burn your screens again, set up the job, you get the idea. If you’re only ordering a few pieces, you might not hit our screen printing minimums. And even if you do, you’ll likely be at a lower quantity this time around, so your cost is higher because we have to set your job up again. 

So, how can you avoid this? Lots of our customers choose to throw in an additional shirt in each size, just to be safe. Sometimes this can even help you reach a new price break, which will make your entire order less expensive because the print cost for each shirt goes down. If you don’t want to get extras, just make sure you communicate to your group the ABSOLUTE NECESSITY (all-caps is your friend here) of providing their shirt size in a timely fashion. 


-I know you have price breaks for screen printing. Why didn’t my price go down when I added more shirts with a different design?


We’ve had a few instances where a customer orders, say, 48 shirts and wonders why they aren’t getting pricing at the 48-piece break. Our price breaks are calculated by the number of pieces getting the SAME DESIGN. If you’re getting 24 shirts that say “Cowabunga!” and 24 shirts that say “Pizza is Life” , then those are treated as two 24-piece orders.

We use price breaks to determine pricing because of the setup required for any print job.  Once the screens are set up and ready to go, though, it’s easy to keep printing additional apparel very quickly, so your price per shirt drops dramatically when you increase the quantity. Two designs, though, means two separate setups. It’s just like placing two separate orders.

Note: This doesn’t mean that each print has to be the same color! We can do an ink change for a flat $10, which means you can get 25 shirts with a black print and 25 shirts with a white print, and still count all of those toward the same quantity break (50). You can also mix and match apparel color and style: 25 red hoodies and 25 black t-shirts can be counted toward the same quantity break as long as they are getting printed with the same design!


-Why does it cost extra for a back print / sleeve print ?

 We work really hard to make our screen print costs as affordable as possible, but there are still times when a customer has a bit of sticker shock after finding out the added cost of getting a second print location. Here’s the thing: if you were to order 24 shirts with a single color front print, our print team would need to load 24 shirts onto a platen, printing them one by one. If you add a back print to your shirt design, then our print team needs to load 48 shirts for printing (24 shirts times 2. And the setup time is doubled, too, as they’re burning, curing, and setting up 2 screens rather than 1).  Adding a secondary print location essentially doubles the time it takes to print your shirts!

Now, we don’t just double the print cost when a back print or sleeve print is added. In fact, our second location pricing is about half the cost of a front print, so you are still getting a great deal. Our screen printing cost is all-inclusive, so the price you are paying is covering the design and mockup work, ordering apparel from our distributors, sorting and packing, etc. All of that is taken care of in the front print pricing, so our second location print costs are designed to just cover materials and time to add your back print.


-Why don’t you have the shirt I want in stock?

 We’ve got a TON of samples of our most popular items in our storefront, so if you’re unsure whether you want 100% cotton or a triblend, we can help you out. What we can’t do is stock all of the MANY styles, colors, and sizes that exist out there in the apparel universe. 

Now if your group or organization is determined to evaluate a shirt in hand before ordering, that’s no problem! We can order you a sample of anything you want, and if you like the product you can give it back to us and we’ll just incorporate that into your order. You’ll pay the wholesale cost for the apparel, and it will just take a couple of days for us to get the samples in. We’ve even ordered a sample of every size for customers in the past, so people in your group can try them on and choose the perfect fit.

Don’t forget though, we do offer a 24-hour turnaround option. To print shirts in 24 hours, we have to have a few shirts on hand.  Then, we picked a few of the most popular colors (White, Gray, Black, Navy, Red, Royal, etc.) and we keep stock levels of sizes between S and 2XL for that product.